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Jenny and her team are hands down the best at what they do. My experience with Jenny has not only elevated my physical appearance but has also significantly boosted my confidence.

I really appreciate how all the practitioners at J Lynn are committed to providing their clients with a thoughtful plan and take the time to understand client goals and objectives. They ensure a very natural look. 

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First, I am blown away by Jenny and Kendra. They are well-educated in this field, obviously work very hard to pursue continuing education, and truly want to be the best: and they are. 



advanced nurse injector, RN

Jenny Warmingham, the Advanced Nurse Injector at J. Lynn Skin & Medical Aesthetics, is a Board Certified Registered Nurse, and Certified Aesthetic Nurse Injector. Jenny is highly skilled and trained in the most up-to-date injection techniques. Moreover, she possesses an artistic eye for beauty and facial balancing. Jenny takes the time to understand each patient’s unique features, concerns, and aesthetic goals. As such, results are natural and beautiful, leaving patients loving their look.

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Of Your Ultimate Transformation

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Step 01


Before every in-office procedure, we do a thorough pre-consultation. The pre-consultation is a detail assessment of your baseline and aesthetic goals.

This is critical in ensuring our practice is a good fit based on your goals. We recognize that we're not for everyone and that's OK.

This step leaves you with realistic expectations and a well thought out treatment plan, plus a rough budget estimate.

Step 02

In-Office Procedure

First-time filler procedures typically last 2-3 hours. We take our time and never rush procedures. We start by recapping the pre-consultation and ensure we're aligned on the treatment plan.

During the procedure, we aspirate the filler injection sites to maximize patient safety and minimize the risk of complications. We provide a distracting tool, numbing cream and nerve blocks to increase patient comfort.

Remember, the same syringe in two different hands can yield two very different results. Sit back, relax and trust that you're in great hands!

Step 03


After your procedure, we pre-book maintenance appointments. Maintenance is often overlooked, and is crucial to keep you looking your best.

A week after your procedure, we check in with you to ensure you're healing properly and are loving your results.

6 weeks later, we typically see first-time patients back in the office for a follow up visit. This visit is to complete any treatment recommendations, do any fine-tuning and ensure you're setup for longterm success with maintenance appointments.

Step 02

Consult Process




We aim to create a smooth and continuous transition from the temples down to the chin by harmonizing the entire face. As we age, the optimal position for light reflection on the face changes, but with our combined aesthetic expertise and artistic vision, we can utilize fillers to restore light reflection to the correct facial area. This restoration process can produce natural-looking results that blend seamlessly with the rest of your face, making them virtually undetectable. At J. Lynn Skin, our goal is refreshed, never frozen or unnatural.

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